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California Law Firm Battles Corporate Giants

On August 12, 2010, after a grueling four week trial that counted at least 7 lawyers for defendants, a Los Angeles jury found in favor of plaintiffs, William and Judy Harrell, awarding $1.6 million and finding both Ford Motor Company and also International Harvester (Navistar, Inc.) responsible for causing the 67 year old plaintiff’s mesothelioma, a cancer caused solely by asbestos. After a string of jury verdicts in defendants’ favor nationally given the overly aggressive defense tactics, Ford Motor Company offered plaintiffs a nominal sum as part of an apparent national litigation strategy by the company which denies any responsibility whatsoever for its role in exposing thousands of automotive mechanics and their families to harmful asbestos in its automotive products includingbrakes, clutches and gaskets which it incorporated for more than eight decades in vehicle designs with absolutely no warning to consumers and users, rather than responsibly resolving  matters with injured claimants.  Ford co-defendant Navistar, Inc fka International Harvester also made and sold trucks, farm equipment and other equipment that incorporated deadly asbestos into brakes, clutches, and gaskets beginning in approximately 1930 and continuing without warning of the hazards for decades through at least the 1980s.  As medical and scientific publications included information about asbestos hazards from automotive brakes generally appeared as early as the 1930s, neither company can legitimately claim any lack of knowledge or awareness that it knowingly did and continues today to poison large groups of individuals engaged in automotive product repair. Both companies claim to have never conducted a single test of their own products before selling them.  Like the tobacco industry, today both companies deny that there is any medical link to the asbestos in their automotive products and the deadly asbestos diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis having invested tens of millions of dollars in bought and paid for ‘science’ designed only to defend the onslaught of asbestos lawsuits being brought against them.   Nonetheless at least one jury managed to successfully navigate defendants’ courtroom confusion and find these companies at fault.

Plaintiffs were represented at trial by experienced trial attorney SIMONA A. FARRISE, ESQ., LL.M, founder of California based FARRISE FIRM, P.C. Sharon Arkin, Esq, of the Arkin Law Firm associated in the representation.

Inquiries to Simona A. Farrise, Esq., LL.M, Farrise Firm, P.C. at farriselaw@farriselaw.com.