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Shahabi v. Fluor Corp – $14.87 Million

The Farrise Law Firm of Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Los Angeles, obtains justice for a client dying of mesothelioma, a terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure. A Los Angeles, California jury awards $14,876,000 in favor of plaintiff after a trial which lasted over a month. Fluor Corporation of Texas was found 45% responsible for plaintiff’s injuries. The trial effort was lead by firm founder Simona A. Farrise, LL.M. The verdict, decided by a diverse jury of 10 men and 2 women, held that The Fluor Corporation exposed plaintiff to asbestos and were 45% responsible for causing his terminal cancer. Plaintiff, a U.S. citizen & father and grandfather, was exposed to asbestos by defendant corporations when he worked at 4 Iranian oil refineries. Defendant corporation made, sold and installed asbestos containing products and is a worldwide oil refinery builder. Defendant exposed plaintiff and many others to deadly asbestos for decades with no warning of any hazard or health risk. Experienced trial specialist Simona A. Farrise was hired to lead and direct the cooperative trial effort for the case which had been filed and prosecuted by an another Los Angeles law firm.